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Swan Valley Bee Pollen is collected from unpolluted and unpopulated areas of Western Australia and dried at temperatures not exceeding 40°C for full vitamin retention.

Pollen contains nearly every known nutrient required for a balanced human diet, 22 amino Acids, 27 minerals including zinc, calcium, magnesium, and iron, a full range of vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K, as well as over 100 enzymes.

Benefits to taking Bee Pollen:

-Helps relieve the symptoms of hay fever when taken before the hay fever season

-Aids the Immune system

-Detoxifies the body

-Gives you sustained energy & Enhanced Vitality

Bee Pollen is used extensively by athletes to enhance performance. Consuming Bee Pollen increases the number and volume of red blood cells in the body. This enables for a faster recovery after heavy exertion. Increased levels of red blood cells have also shown to improve memory function in elderly patients.

Allergic reactions to eating Bee Pollen are very rare but can involve swelling, heart palpitations and minor to moderate difficulty in breathing. Such reactions are generally not considered serious but if these occur then the product should not continue to be taken. Most adverse reactions, if they occur at all, are upset stomachs caused by the richness of Bee Pollen. To overcome this problem start with an amount (say ¼ teaspoon) and increase the amount over time. Optimal dose 1 tablespoon daily.


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