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Swan Valley Honey

Real Honey from Real Beekeepers


Swan Valley Honey’s team of honey connoisseur’s venture to faraway places to collect the best golden honey created by our bees foraging amongst pristine bush land areas of Western Australia.

Once the hives are filled our team takes this precious crop and spins out the golden liquid honey and pack into jars for our other honey connoisseurs to enjoy- all natural-unprocessed-pure- Western Australian honey.

Swan Valley Honey specialize in single origin honey. Favourite varieties Karri Honey, Jarrah Honey, Redgum Honey, Mallee Honey, Floral Honey, Wildflower Honey, Yate Honey all collected from Western Australia.

Note the flavours of honey are determined by what flowers the bees have created honey from so each batch will have its own unique flavour.

Let Swan Valley Honey Sweeten Your Day

Swan Valley Honey is not heat treated, so retains all the nutrients and flavours that nature intended. Unprocessed and unheated honey can also be a fantastic wound healer.