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About Honey

Swan Valley Honey are specialists in providing local honey.

Bee Facts

The Honeybee family (hive) consists of: Worker bees, Drones and a Queen Bee. Bees play a vital part in the pollination of our fruit & vegetable crops. Each Bee produces approx. 1tsp of honey in its life time.

Our honey is 100% pure & natural.

Swan Valley Honey contains only natural honey as produced by the bees, which are free to collect this delicate nectar from our beautiful wildflowers and State Forests. Our experienced Apiarists strategically place the bee hives according to the flora that is flowering at that time, this gives the delicate flavours unique to West Australian Honey’s. Swan Valley Honey has been trading under this entity for 5 years however our experience with honey extends 2 generations, having taken over my father’s Honey business upon his retirement.

Benefits of Honey

Honey is a natural sweetener which has not had to undergo additional processing for it to be ready to enjoy. Honey contains more nutrients than processed sugars. Honey generally has a lower GI Index than regular sugars. Honey also has medicinal benefits.

Other Uses for Honey

  • Skincare – Use honey as a facial cleanser, combine equal quantity of honey, plain yogurt and oatmeal & mix together to form a paste, your skin will feel soft & revitalized.
  • Cooking – Use Honey in Marinades for Beef & Chicken & Pork, substitute sugar and syrups with honey in sweet recipes
  • Healing – Use as a natural antiseptic on cuts & grazes


When using honey in recipes remember to lower the cooking temperature as the sugar content will brown quicker. If cooking on a hot plate, cook on a lower heat. As a guide reduce oven temp by 15C below that recommended in a recipe.

If your honey goes solid, (which is a natural occurrence for honey)place sealed honey container in a pot of Hot water or in warmer weather, place honey tub into a black bag & stand in the sun, the heat will re- liquify the honey.

You may also place honey into microwave and use gradual heating & stirring to re-liquify honey ( use a low microwave heat so as not to spoil the honey) Some varieties of honey will crystallise quicker than others and this in no way effects the quality of the honey.

Storing Honey

Liquid honey is best stored in an airtight container in a dry place at room temperature. Creamed Honey is best kept in the refrigerator as heat exposure can cause it to re-liquify or appear to separate.

West Australian Honey is Sought after for the fact that its bees & hives do not suffer the many pests & diseases prevalent in other parts of the world, this means our bee keepers do not need to use chemicals or pesticides in our hives, leaving our honey one of the purest in the world. Strict quarantine is in place to protect our honey industry from these diseases. WA has many unique varietal honey’s our most precious being Jarrah Honey which is sought after for its medicinal properties. Jarrah honey is a natural healing elixir with naturally occurring antibiotic & antiseptic that fights germs & bacteria.

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